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In 2014 the 'Tianjin Zhao Yicheng' Department of Neurosurgery Related awards Grand Award


In support of a lot of interest in the development of Tianjin City, the friendly people andmedical units, the City Civil Affairs Bureau, Health Planning Commission leaders at all levels of the warm encouragement and careful guidance, medical science foundation of TianjinCity, Zhao Yicheng will have been established for two years. The fund aims to encourage the people of Tianjin City Department of Neurosurgery learning professor Zhao Yicheng for the state and the people, selfless dedication, sincere dedication spirit, to jointly promote the Tianjin City medical progress. The manager thing Association unanimously, with "Zhao Yicheng" title reward Tianjin outstanding Department of Neurosurgery experts, grass-rootsdepartment director, outstanding young doctors and the annual made enormous contribution for the Department of Neurosurgery academic exchanges of personnel.

In 2014 September, held in Tianjin in 2014 will be the annual meeting of MedicalDepartment of Neurosurgery awards ceremony in Tianjin Binhai New Area of Tanggu Victory Hotel. Professor Pu Peiyu, Professor Yang Shuyuan, our hospital department of Neurosurgery Department of Neurosurgery, won the 2014 annual Tianjin city Zhao YichengLifetime Achievement Award, medical science foundation of Tianjin city Zhao Yichengchairman Professor Zhao Kezheng for the winners of the awards presentation. In addition,our institute youth backbone doctor Chen Xin and Wang Dong were awarded the 2014 annual Zhao Yicheng Tianjin city outstanding young neurosurgeons first prize, two prize,Department of Neurosurgery director branch member Huang Ying awards to winnersTianjin City medical association. Prize not only improves the Department of Neurosurgery of General Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University in the city and even the country''''s reputation, more inspired the city neurosurgeon enthusiasm, has made the tremendous contribution for the further promotion of Tianjin City, the overall level of Department of neurosurgery.

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